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Nadi, Fiji

Day One

Nausori Highland Trek, Rosie's Tours

This trek began as a van ride on a gravel road up the mountian near Nadi. The hike was almost all downhill from trail head down to the village where the van picked us up again. The hike was a very easy stroll and suitable for most people including children used to walking. We had three stops along the way which were largely unnecessary and probably meant to burn up time. We spent a long time in the village. I was surprised to see such a variety of food prepared for us. I tried everything. The food and kava made me sleepy, so I took a short nap after lunch. Eventually, the van took us down a gravel road back to the coast and our hotels.

Mocambo Hotel

Day Two

Seaspray Cruise, Rosie's Tours

Day Three

Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Viseisei Village & Vuda Lookout Tour, Rosie's Tour. This was a half-day van tour.