Nova Scotia, 1990

Carboniferous Geology and Paleontology

Copyrighted by Don Chesnut, 2004 (except for maps)

Steve Greb, Allen Archer, Eric Kvale and I were invited by the coal geologists of the Nova Scotia geological survey (their equivalent) to spend several weeks exploring their coal-bearing rocks. Steve and I drove up from Lexington, Kentucky and met Eric and Al there. It took us three days of driving to get there and three days back. The entire trip was about three weeks long for us. The Nova Scotian geologists were very generous, friendly; and quite knowledgeable about sedimentary environments. We learned quite a bit. We are forever grateful to our NS colleagues for this great experience.

Our first stops were coal-bearing rocks of the Stellarton Basin (see map). I don't have any pictures because it was a little too dark for my film. This is a classic pull-apart, slip-strike basin.

The next day we headed to Cape Breton Island and spent several days exploring the coastal exposures along the western part of the island (see map).

Cape Linzee, Port Hood

Finlay Point

Coal Mine Point

Margaree Harbour

Then we left the west coast of the island and headed east.

Great Bras D'Or channel and Bird Island boat tour

Then we headed north toward Sydney (see map).

Black Rock Point to Table Head section

Waddens Cove

Glace Bay?

Around Sydney

Then we left Cape Breton Island back to the main part of Nova Scotia, where we stayed at the Amherst Shore Country Inn, on the shore of Northumberland Strait. We stayed several night there. Charming place. You'll like it.

We spent several days studying the Cumberland Basin at Joggins (see map).

Joggins section

Lower Cove section at Joggins

MacCarrons River to Ragged Reef Point section at Joggins

Maccan River and modern tidal deposits

After leaving Amherst Shore Inn, we went to Rob Naylor's family cottage. This has special significance for me. My wife tracked us down and called me here. I learned that she was pregnant with my daughter Nora. Hey Rob, I'll never forget it, thank you. Now, whenever I see a Puffin, I think of my little Nora.

Naylor Cottage and beach

Hidden Falls

Five Islands

Shubenaeadie River

a feast at the Calder's

Thanks Jane and John.

The next day, Steve and I visited Halifax, the geological survey and a museum. The we drove down to Peggy's Cove to examine the famous granite outcrops and scenery.

Peggy's Cove

Steve and I decided to take the ferry to Maine. It took a day, same as driving, but it was a lot easier. I couldn't get over all the gambling on the ferry though. I read Steve Gould's book "Wonderful Life" about Cambrian life. Lot better than gambling.

Yarmouth and the ferry to Maine