KGS to Examine State’s Geologic Hazards

Contact: Ralph Derickson



For more information or to reserve a place at the seminar, call (859) 257-5500.


LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 27, 2005) -- Kentucky is threatened by a variety of geologic hazards, including landslides, mudflows, ground subsidence and earthquakes. With that in mind, the timely topic of geologic hazards will be the theme of the Kentucky Geological Survey’s (KGS) Annual Seminar on April 29.

The free seminar, titled “On Dangerous Ground: Kentucky’s Geologic Hazards,” is the 45th annual such event sponsored by KGS, which is a research institute of the University of Kentucky. The seminar will be held at the Survey’s Well Sample and Core Library, 2500 Research Park Dr., Lexington.

The morning’s agenda includes an overview of geologic hazards facing the state, a look at the status of KGS research into the earthquake threat, the dangers posed by landslides to structures and infrastructure; and how new flood maps are being developed for Kentucky.

Speakers will include KGS staff as well as experts from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, a private engineering firm, and the University of Louisville’s Hazards Research Center.

After a lunch break, two concurrent sessions will be offered by KGS staff. One will deal with using groundwater data available through the KGS for doing water quality analyses. The other will introduce an ambitious new online mapping initiative under way by the KGS Geospatial Analysis Section.

For more information or to reserve a place at the seminar, call (859) 257-5500, ext. 128, or by e-mail.

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