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James W. Stuckert Career Center

Career development assistance is available to Patterson School students through five means: the James W. Stuckert Career Center, Devex, one-on-one mentor counseling with faculty, support and assistance from the Patterson School alumni network, and this website.

Christine O'Neal

Career Services

Christine O'Neal
Professional Development Specialist
(415) 992-2944


Amy Gamblin

Amy Gamblin
Professional Development Specialist
(859) 559-6334



The Patterson School of Diplomacy has two consulting career coaches that conduct a workshop for incoming student as part of their orientation process and provide one-on-one counseling. The workshop addresses the following areas:
resume and cover letter development, mock interviews, negotiation, networking, skills and atrengths assessments, and personal branding.

Additional student support is offered at a special discounted rate for students.

The Stuckert Career Center does an exceptional job assisting University of Kentucky students and alumni with career exploration and job search tools. The Center offers throughout the year general career counseling, career workshops, mock interview training, and public and private sector recruitment events. While the career center can be an outstanding resource, we believe – in keeping with our specialized program of study – that career assistance must also be personalized.

Patterson School faculty, staff, and alumni will offer insights on how to craft successful resumes and applications, on which internships best compliment your ambitions, and on how to negotiate the seemingly Byzantine federal job process. The economic environment in the United States continues to pose serious employment challenges and recent increases in hiring by public foreign affairs agencies (State, Commerce, intelligence), while promising, have certainly not matched demand. Although it is difficult to track the job market, our faculty often alert students and alumni to potentially promising opportunities that arise. Alumni are also known to peruse the Patterson School LinkedIn group site for possible candidates for internships and open positions.

Other career services links can be accessed by clicking on the following:

As helpful as all this support is intended to be, it is no substitute for each student's own initiative, commitment, and drive. Students should decide how to package coursework, an internship, language ability, and prior experience to best pursue their goals. Students must also determine if a life bouncing from one continent to another as a Foreign Service officer is preferable to one working out of Tokyo or Paris as a sales manager. Or, whether they are prepared for the danger that could accompany living in the Middle East or the poverty that may surround them in West Africa or South Asia. Our faculty's decades of employment in global careers can be of valuable assistance here, as can the experience of our more recent graduates. But, once again, only the student knows what truly drives his or her heart and soul.

One-on-One Career Guidance

What Color Is Your Parachute?

When Patterson Alum Sarah Stoll '03 isn't skydiving, she's happily working as Director of Protocol for the US Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa. Two words are crucial here: "working" and "happily." Anyone can find work – the challenge is finding the career that to you does not feel like work. Patty Stonesifer, the founding CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, framed it this way: "How do I not only pick the right employer, but balance 'doing well' with 'doing good'… the key is to decide your particular passion and particular contribution – what do you care passionately about where you also have something to offer that can really serve a significant purpose?" We couldn't agree more. Once you work through these questions about passion and purpose… The sky's the limit.

Sarah Stoll
Malaysia Stamp Waiting to board Japanese bullet train

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