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Fall 2014 Ex Patt Magazine

Ex-Patt Magazine is an online and print publication located in Lexington, KY, a community outreach effort, and a fresh voice in the churning, exciting world of international policy and commerce. Lexington is a small city with an international outlook. As such, there is a strong demand for local insights into international issues, and that is a niche in both the local market and the local intellectual communityEx-Patt fills. As a registered student organization integrating with our UK and Lexington communities through meaningful analysis that informs local debates, we strive to provide meaningful foreign policy analysis of today's most pressing issues and provide our fellow students an outlet for their work. Covering topics from international development to commerce to security and diplomacy, Ex-Patt Magazine is the place to get prudent analysis on all of today's hot button issues.

Fall 2013 Ex Patt Magazine

Ex-Patt Magazine accepts submissions from graduate students across the globe. While the majority of our submissions come from current and former Patterson students, we have received submissions from Tufts, Texas A&M, and University of California San Diego. The submissions cover any topic that has an international focus: from the WTO to Russia's leadership decisions to health care in developing countries.

Ex-Patt accepts 4 different types of submissions:

  1. Articles: They are 4-8 pages in length and provide coherent and timely analysis on a pressing issue in international affairs covering security, trade/economics, and development.
  2. Research Papers: They are between 18-24 pages in length and provide in depth analysis on a relevant international topic. They cover both historical and current events.
  3. Book Reviews: They are between 2-3 pages and examine an author's argument within the context of other literature on the subject and the reviewer's own knowledge of the subject.
  4. Photo Essays: While there is no set limit on photos, they should attempt to convey the essence of a story through the eyes of the photographer.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. All submissions should be sent to submissions .

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Fall 2013: http://issuu.com/emilychinacedargren/docs/ex-patt_mag2
Spring 2014: http://issuu.com/curtisrogers4/docs/ex-patt_sp14_final_hires

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