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      Prof. Jerry Baskin Prof. Carol BaskinCarol C. Baskin and Jerry M. Baskin, Professors of Plant and Soil Science (CCB) and Biology (CCB and JMB)

      Ph.D. Vanderbilt University 1968, 1967


      Research interests : Ecology, biogeography and evolution of seed dormancy and germination

      • Dormancy cycles in weed seeds
      • Seed ecology of rare plant species
      • Mechanism of dormancy in hardseeded species
      • Comparative germination ecology within plant families

      Lynnette Dirk, Research Specialist of Horticulture

      Ph.D. University of Guelph 1996

      Research interests: Seed germination and longevity

      • Role of isoaspartyl methyltransferase in maintaining high seed quality
      • Role of plastids in seed germination

      Assoc. Prof. Bruce Downie Bruce Downie, Associate Professor of Horticulture

      Ph.D. University of Guelph 1994

      Research interests: Molecular, biochemical, physiological and genetic aspects of radicle protrusion from the seed

      • Analyze genes associated with radicle protrusion
      • Characterization of genes associated with seed dormancy
      • Elucidation of gene product function in germination

      Prof. Dennis EgliDennis B. Egli, Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

      Ph.D. University of Illinois 1969

      Research interests : Seed development, seed quality and yield

      • Involvement of seed growth and development in determining seed quality and yield
      • Relationship between laboratory tests of seed quality and field performance
      • Seed quality, the seed bed environment and seedling emergence

      Prof. Robert Geneve Robert L. Geneve, Professor of Horticulture

      Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1985

      Research interests: Seed germination in small-seeded ornamental crops

      • Vigor testing in bedding plant species using computer-aided digital analysis
      • Ethylene as a biochemical marker of seed vigor
      • Mechanism of seed dormancy in eastern redbud

      Assoc. Prof. Sharyn E. PerrySharyn E. Perry , Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Science

      Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1993

      Research interests: Differential expression of genes that control development during embryogenesis

      • Gene products involved in embryo formation
      • Targets of regulation of AGL15, a MADS-domain protein

      Assist. Prof. Guiliang TangGuiliang Tang, Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Science

      Ph.D. Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel

      Research interests: Plant gene silencing and plant natural products

      • Dissect the plant RNAi and miRNA pathways via a biochemical approach using wheat germ and maize germ extracts

      Prof. Dennis TeKrony Dennis M. TeKrony, Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

      Ph.D. Oregon State University 1969

      Research interests: Seed quality assessment, seed maturation and storability

      • Models to predict changes in seed germination and vigor during storage
      • Influence of seed borne diseases on the expression of seed germination and vigor
      • Standardization of seed vigor testing methods
      • Effect of environment during seed development on seed viability and vigor

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