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Past and Present Graduate Students: Research and Placement
Post-Doctoral Fellow Research

      Manoj Majee
        Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2004-present, Advisor: B. Downie
      Tingsu Chen
        Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2005-present, Advisor: B. Downie
      Dhiraj Thakare
        Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2005-present, Advisor: S. Perry
      Kristine Hill
        Ph.D., Expected 2006, Advisor: S. Perry
        Identification of protein interactors of AGL15, an embryo MADS-Domain factor.
      Gehan J. Jayasuriya
        Ph.D. Candidate, 2004-present, Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
        Comparative seed biology of Convolvulaceae
      Yumei Zheng
        Ph.D. Candidate, 2005-present, Advisor: S. Perry
      Cindy Finneseth
        Ph.D. Candidate, 2005-present, Advisor: R. Geneve
      Laura Wood
        M.S. Candidate, 2005-present, Advisor: R. Geneve
      Xiaoxia Qu
        Ph.D. Candidate, 2006, Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin

      Jessica Hyatt
        M.S. Advisor: D. TeKrony
        The effect of soil crusting and compaction on soybean seedling emergence.
        • Currently, Horticulture Extension Agent, Wayne County, NC.
      Cong Zhu
        Ph.D. Advisor: S. Perry
        Gene regulatory network of AGL15 - identification of downstream target genes and analysis of its own expression.
        • Currently, Post-doctorate Fellow at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA.

      Manjul Dutt
        M.S. Advisor: R. Geneve
        Use of sequential computer imaging to evaluate germination and seed vigor in impatiens.
        • Currently, Ph.D Graduate Student at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
      Adriana Elena Sautu
        M.S. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin and J.M. Baskin
        Ecology, morphology, and germination physiology of tree seeds in a tropical semi-evergreen forest in the Panama Canal Watershed, with special reference to seed dormancy classes along a precipitation gradient.
        • Currently, Staff Member at Smithsonian Research Institution, Panama.
      Weining Tang
        Ph.D. Advisor: S. Perry
        Regulatory networks of the plant MADS domain protein AGL15: Characterization of DNA binding and isolation of direct downstream targets.
        • Currently, Senior Research Associate at the Center for Medical Genomics at the Department of Human Genetics, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA.
      Qilong Xu
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: R. Houtz, B. Downie
        Isolation and characterization of a second PROTEIN ISOASPARTYL METHYLTRANSFERASE gene in Arabidopsis thaliana.
        • Currently, Post-doctorate fellow at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.

      Christopher A. Adams
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
        A comparative study of seed morphology, dormancy, and germination of four closely-related Aristolochia subgenus Siphisia species (Aristolochiaceae, Piperales): A test of two hypotheses on ecological changes in species within a lineage through geological time.
        • Currently, Faculty member at Shorter college, Rome, GA.
      James M. Woltz
        Ph.D. Advisor: D. TeKrony
        Freeze injury during corn seed development and maturation.
        • Currently, Technical Support Manager at SynGenta Crop Protection in Stanton, MN.

      Kay Oakley
        M.S. Advisor: R. Geneve
        Computer-aided digital image analysis of seedling size and growth rate for assessing seed vigour in impatiens.
      Jason Argyris
        M.S. Advisor: D. TeKrony
        Effect of Fusarium graminearum infection on wheat seed quality.
        • Currently, Ph.D graduate student at University of California-Davis, Davis, CA.
      Gunching Siriwitayawan
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: R. Geneve, B. Downie
        The involvement of ethylene in determining seed vigor and the time required for the completion of germination.

      Tina Wilson
      M.S. Advisor: R. Geneve
      Film-coating as a seed treatment for shrunken-2 sweet corn (Zea mays L.) during imbibition and emergence under cool temperatures.

      Siti Nur Hidayati
      Ph.D. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
      A comparative study of seed dormancy in five genera of Caprifoliaceae s.l. (Germination).
      • Currently, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.

      Gwen Koning
        Ph.D. Advisor: D. TeKrony
        Relationship between soybean mosaic virus and Phomopsis spp. infection of soybean seeds.
        • Currently, ? at University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.
      Xiaojie Li
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
        A comparative study of the seed biology of several North American Rhus species (Anacardiaceae).

      Brigitte Hamman
        Ph.D. Advisor: D.B. Egli
        A study of the factors governing soybean seedling emergence, and how they relate to seed quality.
        • Currently employed by SynGenta Corp., Basil, Switzerland.

      Shande Tang
        Ph.D.Advisor: D. TeKrony
        Survival characteristics of hybrid corn seed during constant storage (corn seed, Zea mays).
        • Currently, Senior Statistician, IVAX Resarch Inc., Miami, FL.
      Jeffrey L. Walck
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
        Comparative autecology of the narrow-endemic Solidago shortii and two of its geographically-widespread congeners: An investigation into the causes of plant rarity and endemism.
        • Currently, Associate Professor at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN.

      James M. Woltz
        M.S. Advisor: D. TeKrony
        Prospects for standardization of the cold test for corn seed.
        • Currently, Technical Support Manager at SynGenta Crop Protection in Stanton, MN.
      Cindy Finneseth
        M.S. Advisor: R. Geneve
        Propagation of the North American pawpaw [Asimina triloba (L.) Dunal].
        • Currently, Ph.D Graduate Student [Crop Science] at University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.

      Karsedis Distabanjong
        Ph.D., 1996, Advisor: R. Geneve
        Developing regeneration systems for genetic transformation in eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis L.).

      Richard K. Clements
        Ph.D. Co-advisors: C.C. Baskin, J.M. Baskin
        Studies on the taxonomy and general ecology of the two closely-related species Penstemon tenuiflorus Pennell and P. hirsutus (L.) Willd. (Scrophulariaceae section Graciles).
        • Currently, Faculty member at Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Chattanooga, TN.

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