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At the direction of President Lee T. Todd, Jr. and under the leadership of Provost Kumble Subbaswamy, the Deans' Council and the University Committee on Academic Planning and Priorities led the crafting of this Strategic Plan for 2009-14. The five goals of this Strategic Plan identify the principal areas of activity in which the talents and resources of the University will be invested over the next five years. Under each goal are several objectives, strategies, and metrics that make specific the intentions of the University of Kentucky.

The University of Kentucky's 2009-2014 Strategic Plan renews this institution's faithfulness to the original ideals that gave rise to America's land-grant universities. Threaded through this document is a ceaseless and undaunted commitment to the individual success of students; to research that both stretches the bounds of knowledge and provides practical solutions; and to the provision of extension services, health care, creative experiences, life-long learning, and countless other efforts to improve the lives of Kentuckians where ever they live and work and raise their families.

The real work of implementing the strategic plan through specific action items takes place at the department level. We recognize that in as complex and diverse an organization as UK, a simple and single set of actions and attendant measures of progress for the University are not sufficient to capture every important goal for individual units. Our expectation is that in Fall 2009 each college, department, and administrative unit will develop action items that are most appropriate to that unit, determine the baseline measure for each action item, and set five-year goals for achievement. Needless to say, at each successive level (e.g., dean to department chair, Provost to dean), there would have to be negotiations about the expected level of achievement.

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