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Promotional Items

Overview of Promotional Items

Promotional items are goods imprinted with any University-related logos or wording and intended to promote University programs, projects, and initiatives. Examples of common promotional items include imprinted or embossed portfolios, pens, mugs, T-shirts, magnets, tote bags, etc. This commodity group also includes imprinted or embroidered apparel for internal use by departments for promotional purposes. Unlike items consumed for internal operation, promotional items are unique in that they carry the University’s image via its trademarked logos and graphics.

Requirement for Trademark Licensing

The University maintains a Trademark Licensing Program to protect its visual identity, logos and insignias, and to safeguard against product liability claims. Such a program also ensures that all goods bearing the University's marks are manufactured within guidelines set by the Fair Labor Association and in compliance with labor codes of conduct. Fermata College is the University's exclusive trademark licensing representative.

The Trademark Licensing Program requires all vendors selling items with University logos to be registered with Fermata College. This includes promotional items that are commercially sold for profit by retailers as well as items purchased by the University to consume, use, or give away. All University entities (i.e., departments, campus organizations, affiliated clubs) that purchase products with a logo or insignia, either for internal use or to give away, must obtain the merchandise from Fermata licensed suppliers.

Contracted Promotional Suppliers

The Purchasing Division has contracts available for the following promotional suppliers and departments may make purchases as needed from any of the below licensed providers. All suppliers are full-service promotional providers and received contracts through a competitive process based on best value goods and services. Use of the contracted suppliers ensures that Fermata licensing requirements are maintained, trademarked logos and graphics are used properly, and the University is protected through contractors’ liability insurance in the event that someone is harmed using the product.

Contract Name
Sales Rep
UK-1837-18A Advertising Specialties Sadie Lathan / Lisa Parke
UK-1837-18B Team One Chad Guance  
UK-1837-18C Ad-Venture Promotions Cathy Stafford
UK-1837-18D Marketing Tools John Kugler
UK-1837-18E BWM Global Clayton Seno
UK-1837-18F Promotional Products Plus (P3) Barry Mitchell 
UK-1837-18G Progressive Marketing Larry Jakobi
UK-1837-18H The Branding Society Alexandra Acree
UK-1837-18I Golden Star Promotions Joanne Kouris
UK-1837-18J Standard Buying Services (SBS) Jamison Hannigan
UK-1837-18K 4Imprint John Lord
UK-1837-18L Voluforms Paula Redford
UK-1837-18M Club Colors Buyer LLC Lindsey Purcell
UK-1837-18N Albreco, Proforma Albrecht & Co Carl Albrecht
UK-1837-18O Underground Printing Rishi Narayan
UK-1837-18P APS Communications Heather Arrasmith

How To Buy

Departments may make purchases of promotional items from the above sixteen contracted suppliers using their departmental procurement card. For purchases greater than $5,000, departments may request a one-time increase via email to procard@uky.edu.

Additional Notes

*Purchase of flags - per Kentucky Revised Statutes 2.030 and 2.040, all US and Kentucky flags purchased by public institutions must be manufactured in the United States.

*Contact David Lang at the UK Bookstore david.lang@uky.edu for special instructions on promotional items that will be re-sold through student organizations or to the general public.

*Gifts and awards are expedited by PRD as the method of purchase due to discretionary policy requirement

For assistance or questions, the Category Specialist for Promotional Items is Wendy Brown, email: wendy.holland@uky.edu.