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Chef JC Clark, Lexington and Dr. Lisa Gaetke with the Harlan Group

(April, 2015) University of Kentucky

UK-SRC demonstration of recipes/Superfoods to Harlan Healthy Eating Advisory Council

On April 30, 2015 a presentation to community members in the Dayhoit/Harlan, KY community was made by Dr. Lisa Gaetke and Chef JC Clark. Dr. Gaetke a UK-SRC Core leader again worked with the group. The information below gives a summary of the activities they have been involved. The CEC Core Leader and at least one CEC personnel have worked with this Superfund community near Dayhoit, KY in Harlan County, for the last eight years. Six of those years have involved pending litigation. We have worked together on establishing trust and remained loyal to this community to build capacity and promote community-focused feedback. We responded to the Harlan Healthy Eating Advisory Council request for a Lexington chef to demonstrate fish recipes and Superfoods, (including leafy green and cruciferous vegetables). JC Clark, Lexington chef, along with the CEC Core Leader did a demonstration on preparing fish (fish tacos) and a Superfood salad (which is currently popular and includes kale, cabbage, tomatoes, edamame, carrots, blueberries, dried cranberries, and nuts). The discussion included phytochemicals and antioxidants obtained eating these foods and ways to prepare the foods based on local traditions. Approximately 45 community members were in attendance. Comments included, I don't like fish, although once tasted, almost all returned for seconds. We usually don't eat raw kale, but this is good. You make healthy food taste good. All participants wanted more food demonstrations with Chef JC.