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Student Complaints & Appeals


This page was developed to assist students in submitting complaints and appeals and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information. By following the module below, students may be directed to the source of their concern.

Follow the numeric steps by choosing the available options. Please be sure to read each question carefully as to reach the most accurate outcome.


1. Choose the option that best relates to your concern/complaint
Click A, B, or C below to continue.

** If you choose option A, your complaint will be forwarded to the Division of Student Affairs. You will receive a response within 10 business days.

A. My complaint involves one or more of the following areas:
  1. Campus Recreation
  2. Counseling Center, Consultation & Psychological Services
  3. Dean of Students
  4. Dining & Plus Account Office
  5. Disability Resource Center
  6. Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
  7. New Student & Parent Programs
  8. Off-Campus Student Services
  9. Office of Substance Education & Responsibility
  10. Parent Association
  11. Residence Life
  12. Student Center
  13. Student Involvement
  14. Student Media
  15. Student Rights & Responsibilities (Student Code)
  16. UK Catering
  17. UK Dining Services
  18. Vice President for Student Affairs
  19. Violence Intervention & Prevention Center
  20. WildCard UKID Center
B. Appeals:
  1. Academic Appeals Process - page 171
  2. Admissions Appeals
  3. Appeals to the University Appeals Board - 6.4.4
  4. Code of Student Conduct
  5. Financial Aid - Reasonable Academic Progress Appeal
  6. UK Parking & Transportation Services - Appeal a Citation
C. Other Concerns:
  1. Academic Offenses & Procedures 6.3.0 & 6.4
  2. Dean of Students - Emergencies, Notary Services, Sales/Solicitations on Campus
  3. Discrimination & Harassment, ADA Reasonable Accommodations
  4. Distance Learning
  5. How to Withdraw & Refund Policy
  6. International Student & Scholar Services
  7. Kentucky Residency Policy
  8. Summary of Rules Relating to Scholastic Probation, Academic Suspension, and Reinstatement
  9. UK Bulletins
  10. UK Campus Housing Policies
  11. UK Office of Academic Ombud Services
  12. UK Regulations: Policy of Discrimination & Harassment
  13. University Health Services