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New this year, the GSC will be offering Travel Awards in cycles instead of on a monthly basis. You will apply for the travel award in the cycle in which your conference falls. There will be 3 cycles for the entire 2017-2018 academic year, listed below. Travel Awards are read by a wealth of graduate students from many different backgrounds, so it is to your advantage to submit a Lay Abstract for this application

We have a Research Award, in which individuals who need to travel to complete their research (i.e. access to data from a library or a specific population of individuals) may apply for $500. We will have one Research Award available per application cycle. You only need to travel for the research within 6 months of receiving the award, note that we will ask for proof of travel, therefore the budget must have planned dates. See the application for additional information specific to this award.

Our other new award is a Outstanding Service Award. This award is $500 to an individual for their contribution and service to the University, the Graduate School and/or GSC. Individuals may be nominated by others, or self-nominated. We will award two of these awards per application cycle. See the application for additional information specific to this award.

Application Deadlines:

  • Award Cycle One (For Travel or Research between September and December) – October 15, 2017
  • Award Cycle Two (For Travel or Research between January and April) – February 15, 2018
  • Award Cycle Three (For Travel or Research between May and August) – April 15, 2018

To be eligible for these awards, students must meet the criteria specified by your department (the Graduate School recently switched to a block funding system where your department receives the money and decides of its allocation). This excludes those criteria allowing for funding to be awarded for research as well as those criteria disqualifying degree-seeking Master’s students. Travel funding is not provided for participation in or presentation at professional workshops or tuition for coursework.
Applicants MUST be associated with a department which is officially represented at GSC meetings. Department representatives are voting members who are elected by their departmental/organizational peers each August to be representatives at GSC meetings. Attendance at GSC meetings and participation on a GSC committee is required of departmental representatives. For more information, please refer to GSC representatives webpage.

Research and Travel Award recipients must be prepared to provide receipts for all expenses upon request by the GSC. Applicants must submit proof from the conference that you are presenting, such as a conference agenda or email stating that your abstract/poster was accepted for presentation, as well as an abstract.
Students may only win a Travel Award or a Research Award once per fiscal year.

Application and criteria:
To apply for the University of Kentucky Graduate Student Congress Award Funding


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