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Founded in 2006, the Graduate Student Congress's mission is to bring together and represent the graduate student body at the University of Kentucky. This is accomplished through the organization of activities geared toward the social well-being and professional development of graduate students at UK. Frequently partnering with other entities on campus, such as the Graduate School and the Student Government Organization, the GSC also provides a unique platform from which graduate students’ concerns may be voiced to the university at large.

Open to graduate students of all disciplines, the GSC offers a number of ways for students to make available resources most pertinent to their needs. This is usually accomplished through the formation of a committee in the GSC which helps to delegate tasks within the group. Current committees of the GSC include: the Social, Graduate Student Issues, Dinner with the President, Graduate Student Appreciation Week, and Three Minute Thesis committees.

The Fall semester is a busy time for GSC, which organizes a number of different social and academic events. It has been a tradition of the GSC to start each Fall semester off with a Kickoff at the Cat's Den, where graduate students are able to gather information about the GSC and get to know the officers. Also during this time, an ice cream social is organized in conjunction with the Graduate School to welcome students back for a new semester. For those more serious minded, the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition is coordinated by a committee of the GSC so that University of Kentucky students are able to participate in this national event (Three Minute Thesis).

One of the main events during the Spring semester is Dinner with the President and Provost, where students actively involved with the GSC are able to talk with the president and provost of the University of Kentucky over dinner. In February, the GSC coordinates a Trip to the Capital for UK students who would like to directly interact with our state's representatives. Also, in April the GSC organizes Graduate Student Appreciation Week where each day offers a new and fun event geared towards making the end of the semester better for our student body.

Throughout the academic year, professional development workshops are being planned with the goal of addressing the current needs of our student body. Also, these workshops help to bring students together outside of their disciplines to explore, learn, and be inspired.

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