Faculty and Staff


Who are the students who attend academic coaching?


All undergraduate students are welcome to attend academic coaching.  Some students self-select, while others are encouraged, referred or required to attend. Examples include:

  • Self-selecting, e.g., students who want to take their college experience to the next level, students who want to improve grades, students who want to enhance their college experience.
  • Referral from faculty or staff, e.g., advisors, professors, Dean of Students, Community of Concern
  • Required or suggested for their coursework or major, e.g., Academic Preparation and Placement (APP), students taking a class for a second or third time, students who need to maintain a GPA to stay in their program
  • Required or suggested for a grant or scholarship
  • Required or suggested for a program, e.g., Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP), CARES
  • Academic Probation
  • Students preparing for professional exams, e.g., MCAT, GRE, Praxis
  • Students who enter the university with a high number of credit hours


Why would I refer a student to academic coaching?


One way to think about academic coaching is like it is a personal trainer for college.  Academic coaching is a great way for students to learn the skills and resources to be successful in college and beyond.  Examples of what we do include:

  • Building academic confidence
  • Increasing feelings of belongingness on campus
  • Improving academic skills, e.g., study, note-taking, and exam-taking skills
  • Improving working memory skills
  • Improving “executive functioning skills” (“soft skills” or “work-readiness”), e.g., time management, growth mindset, how to decrease procrastination and improve motivation, and work/school/life balance
  • Developing plans to remove barriers to success
  • Tackling anxiety



Would you like coaching to work with your department, program, or class?


Great!  We welcome all collaborations!  Some ways we have worked with other departments include:

  • Providing students with required/suggested coaching for a program, class, etc.
  • Writing grants to provide coaches for your department or program, whom we will train and supervise.
  • Training faculty and staff in essential coach skills as outlined by the International Coach Federation that you can apply to your work with students.


I have a student who would benefit from academic coaching. Can I refer them to you?


Absolutely! We welcome all referrals. There several ways to connect us to your student:


When and where are coaches available to meet?

  • We have daytime, evening and weekend hours.
  • We offer both in-person and online appointments. In-person appointments take place at The 90, The Study Central, and The Study North.
  • We have appointments available during Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions.

To make an appointment: http://go.uky.edu/coaching



Contact Julie Bradley, Assistant Director of Academic Coaching