Student Testimonials

What do UK students have to say about academic coaching?

"My coach helped me take the study skills that I already had and make them 10x better than they were, which helped me to create a better learning opportunity for myself."

-Kristen, UK Student


“I passed my test!! I’m officially a UK Graduate!!!!

I couldn’t have done it without my coach. Thank you one million times!!!”

-DeVonda, UK Student


“I love academic coaching because it helped me regain my confidence in obtaining the course material. Also, it has molded me into a more active learner in and out of the classroom. I love all of the study tools and time management skill I have learned that make it easier to study.”

-Arion, UK Student



“My Academic Coach is always there to help me get involved on campus as well as help me academically.”

-Courtney, UK Student


“Until I worked with a coach, I didn’t really want to stay at Kentucky.  My coach helped me get involved in clubs, both in and outside of my major and it helped me feel like I belong.  Now I don’t want to be anywhere else!”

-Tyler, UK Student


“My Academic Coach has not only provided me with the tools for implementing healthy study habits, teaching me time management skills and giving me resource materials found on campus but has more importantly been my biggest cheerleader. She is always willing and ready to help me with any situation no matter how big or small. I am thankful I have such a constant person in my life who I know is always rooting for me.

SOoooooOooo thankful for my coach!!”

-Ellie, UK Student