2015 Research Abroad Scholarship Winners

Emily (Annie) Griggs, a Biology major, completed her project, “Temporal Predictability of Nectar: Does it differently influence aggression between two cloud forest hummingbird species?,” in Costa Rica with the mentorship of Dr. Alan Masters, the resident director of CIEE. Griggs’ UK Faculty mentor is Dr. David Westneat in the department of Biology.


Marcel Roman, a Political Science and International Studies major, completed his project, “Land Rights and Ethnic Politics in Fiji,” in Suva, Fiji. Roman’s UK Faculty mentor is Emily Beaulieu in the department of Political Science.

"The Research Abroad grant allowed me to get a sense of the difference between secondary source research and on-the-ground field research where I have the tools and capacity to develop my own original content. During my experience in Fiji, I was able to collect survey data, interview politicians and civil society leaders, and collect archival data that is unavailable online. The research process also engendered a large degree of self-reflexivity, where I learned to compensate for complications in my research design and how to facilitate ethical relationships with potential respondents --- skills that will assist me in further research endeavors during graduate school." 


Rebecca (Faith) VanMeter, a Psychology major, completed her project, “The Role of Emotional Support During Child Abuse Victim Interviews: Benefits for Disclosure and Evidence Gathering,” in Cambridge, England with the mentorship of Dr. Michael Lamb and Dr. Beth Ahern at the University of Cambridge. VanMeter’s UK Faculty mentor is Dr. Peggy Keller in the department of Psychology.

"Having the opportunity to conduct research at the University of Cambridge was life changing, both personally and for my future career. I was able to learn about myself and become a more independent person while simultaneously working with other researchers about topics that I was interested in. I developed a deeper understanding and passion for my research and made several really great memories and friends along the way!"