2016 Research Abroad Scholarship Winners


Holden Hemingway, a Biology major, completed his project, "Quinticeps? Investigating  a possible fifth head of the quadriceps femoris in non-human primates," in Scotland with the mentorship of Dr. Andrew Kitchener, the Principal Curator of Vertebrates in the Department of Natural Sciences at the National Museum of Scotland. Holden's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Magdalena Muchlinski in College of Medicine.


Alexander Parmley, an English and Philosophy major, completed his project, "Exploitation and Ecotourism: Documenting the Lives of Costa Rica's Indigenous Peoples," in Costa Rica with the mentorship of Carlos Herrera Bisbal with La Universidad EARTH. Parmley's UK faculty mentor is Professor Dan Howell in the English department.


Haley Reichenback, an Equine Science major, completed her project, "Feed Intake and Feeding Behavior of Cows at Calving," in Denmark with the mentorship of Dr. Lene Munksgaard with Aarhus University. Reichenback's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, a dairy professor with the College of Agriculture.


Jennifer Taylor, a Geography and Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, completed her project, "Analyzing the Gendered Governance and Livelihood Dimensions of Seaweed Produced in a Tanzanian Marine Protected Area," in Tanzania with the mentorship of her UK faculty mentor Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris, an Assistant Professor in the Geography department.