Final Report Requirements and Guidelines

Report Deadline: August 24, 2020

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Format Requirments

1. 2-page minimum 4-page maximum (including graphics/pictures)


2. Microsoft Word Document or PDF


3. Include your name, your University of Kentucky faculty mentor's name, your abroad research mentor's name, the city and country in which the research took place, and the title of your project  


4. Include a statement and signature from your abroad research mentor indicating that they have reviewed and approved the report


Writing Guidelines

*Your report should be directed at all readers, not just those in your particular field.

*Although we would like to hear about the research conducted, we are most interested in your reflections on your experiences abroad.


1. Background Information

This may be similar to what you provided in your proposal.


2. What is the purpose of your research and how will it contribute to your field of study?


3. What was your methodology and was it carried out as originally planned? If not, why? How did you adjust for the change in plans?


4. What sort of results did you see from your research and what can you conclude from them?


5. Most importantly, how did you benefit from your experience abroad? 

What did you learn about the culture of the country you visited?  What did you experience while abroad that was most memorable?  What was it like doing research in a foreign environment?  Were there noticeable differences in the field of research abroad than what you have experienced at the University of Kentucky?  Was it more or less expensive than doing research in the United States?  This could relate not only to money, but human resources (e.g., your time or availability of research materials and resources).