Where to Begin

UGR Where to Begin.jpg


"Tell me, and I'll forget

Show me, and I'll remember 

Involve me, and I'll understand"

-Chinese proverb




Experienced Students: 

If you are a student currently conducting research and haven't registered with our office, please do so here in order to be eligible for our support programs and to learn about other research enhancement opportunities.


Beginning Students:

Learn how you can get started with undergraduate research by attending an information session during the semester. 

Register (here) with our office to learn about programs and awards.

Connect with faculty members who share a similar interest.  

Receive extended support such as training, travel assistance, research grants, and opportunities to showcase your hard work. 



Learn the benefits of working with undergraduates. 

Register with our office to stay up-to-date on deadlines and programming.

Connect with an undergraduate protégé.

Receive extended support such as training and tracking your student's progress.