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The Office of Undergraduate Research would like to welcome you to our website. Please be sure to register with our office, to stay up to date on the latest events happening in research. Students, Staff, and Faculty are welcome to register!



The Office of Undergraduate Research is dedicated to providing coordination, leadership, and support for research endeavors at the undergraduate level. Through a wide variety of customized programs and activities, staff and faculty mentors encourage, engage, and support students through the basics of research across all disciplines, which serves to enrich the overall academic experience and foster student success.


Benefits of Undergraduate Research

Explore the unknown. Research gives students the skills to think for themselves, critically evaluate information, and use their creativity to explore.


- CREATIVITY: Thinking creatively helps you to find new ways to explore in research. It is being faced with a problem and thinking in a unique way to solve it.

- ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Research requires you to think critically about the question at hand and weigh different answers objectively.

- LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Research builds students’ confidence helping them hold a leadership role in projects.

- WRITING & ORAL SKILLS: Writing and Oral skills are crucial in receiving grants, communicating research, and collaborating. Being involved in research will strengthen these skills.

- COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Presentation opportunities help develop effective communication skills that are critical in working in any environment.

- TROUBLESHOOTING SKILLS: Research doesn’t always go as planned. There can be unexpected results. Research gives you skills to analyze problems and find solutions.

- CLARIFICATION OF A CAREER PATH: Research helps undergraduate students discover their passions. The more research you do, the more you will uncover new ideas and new career paths. 

- PERSEVERANCE: Research requires steady persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.


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