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Chemistry - Graduate (Ph.D)

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The Department of Chemistry offers the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Plan A or B may be used to satisfy the requirements for the M.S. degree. Areas of specialization in chemistry are analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical, and radionuclear. All candidates for the Ph.D. degree are required to serve as a teaching assistant for one semester.

Doctoral Program Description

Doctoral degrees are earned in the Department of Chemistry after a student has carried out productive and independent research on a problem that is of significant chemical interest. It is expected that the results of the dissertation work will be published in refereed scientific journals. All Graduate School requirements must be met. Subject to approval of the student’s Advisory Committee, course work for the Ph.D. degree shall normally include four “core” courses and 8 credits of advanced or specialty courses. At least 3 credit hours must be in courses outside of the student’s main area of interest.

Doctoral Application Requirements

CV (Your CV should describe your education and research background), Personal Statement ( A 1 to 2 page statement outlining your research interests and how you hope to pursue those interests at the University of Kentucky. Please indicate specific research groups that interest you the most. Include any details of previous experience in a research environment.), GRE, 3-4 letters of recommendation

Letter of Recommendation Instructions

3-4 Letters (Three letters of recommendation from faculty members or job supervisors familiar with your teaching, learning and research abilities. The program prefers upload of letter)

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 15 (domestic applicants) February 15 (international applicants)

Spring: November 1 (domestic applicants) August 15 (international applicants)

Applications are not accepted for the Summer session.

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