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The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Education Sciences (major code: EDSC) program is designed for individuals seeking careers in educational research. Graduates of the program are prepared to meet the growing national need for educators who are well trained in methodological issues in education research. This Ph.D. program prepares individuals who will have careers in research universities, educational research labs and corporations, and research groups within education agencies.

Doctoral Program Description

EDSC is a rigorous doctoral program that requires year-round, full-time study. Students are encouraged to apply for admission for the Fall semester. Students seeking Spring admission should contact the program DGS to determine if the strand they are interested in allows for Spring admissions. Students will be required to complete a set of core courses in research methods and education policy; in addition, students will then be able to follow a particular “strand” of courses in an area of specialization. All students will be involved in educational research projects throughout their time in the program.  For more details about the Strands offered within the Education Sciences program please visit:


Doctoral Application Requirements

Contact the DGS of your respective program to determine additional requirements (including CV, 3 letters of recommendation, etc.)

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.

Application Deadlines


Curriculum and Instruction: Due Date –March 15th.
STEM Education: Due Date- March 15th.
Educational Policy Studies—Philosophical and Cultural Inquiry: Due Date – Feb.1st.
Educational Policy Studies—Evaluation and Policy: Due Date – Feb.1st.
Health Education: Due Date – February 15th
Physical Education: Due Date – February 15th.
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education: Due Date – March 15th.
Educational Leadership: Due Date –February 15th.
Special Education: Due Date – March 15th.
Rehabilitation Counseling: Due Date – March 15th.
Quantitative and Psychometric Methods: Due Date – December 1st

Applications are not accepted for the Spring and Summer sessions.