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The Department of Toxicology and Cancer Biology is a multidisciplinary unit for research and graduate education in the broad areas of toxicology and cancer biology. Our mission is to provide students with an education in toxicology and cancer biology that is based on an understanding of biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and systems biology. This is coupled with in-depth research experience on the mechanisms by which environmental agents cause disease, with primary emphases in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegeneration. 

Doctor of Philosophy

For students specifically interested in a Ph.D. in Toxicology, direct application and admission to the Toxicology doctoral program offers several opportunities. Students directly admitted to Toxicology may select a dissertation mentor from among Core faculty and all Joint faculty of Toxicology and Cancer Biology. Together, these faculty offer students directly admitted to Toxicology a full spectrum of research programs related to environmental, agricultural and biomedical toxicology.

Application Requirements - Doctoral degree

Two different application routes exist for the Doctoral program in Toxicology and Cancer Biology: 1) Students can be directly admitted into the Toxicology and Cancer Biology program, or 2) Students can be admitted to the Integrated Biomedical Sciences curriculum, an undifferentiated first-year core curriculum that serves as the entry point for six doctoral programs housed in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.

  1. CV
    • Indicating any academic honors, publications, research experience and relevant work experience (since graduation--for those who have previously graduated from an undergraduate or graduate degree program). 
  2. Personal Statement
    • Indicate your research interest and goals for doctoral study and beyond.
  3. A GRE or GMAT score is not required for admission to this program.
  4. Three letters of recommendation
Application Deadlines

Fall: March 15 

Application Requirements - Master's Program

  1. Personal Statement
    • Your personal statement is no more than 1000 words in length, describing your scientific interests and professional goals.  Further, please specifically address the following: (1) research experience, (2) why you are interested in the Toxicology program, and (3) publications, if any.
  2. The GRE is NOT required for admission into this program.
  3. Three letters of recommendation
Application Deadlines

Fall: March 15