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Applied Statistics (Graduate Certificate)

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The Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (GCAS) allows students studying in programs outside the Department of Statistics to learn a basic background in the design and analysis of quantitative data. This credential allows student to demonstrate quantitative expertise with perspective employers as well as better conduct quantitative research in their dissertations.

In many programs, several courses in the GCAS are already required, meaning the certificate can often be obtained with a minimal amount of extra coursework. This page provides information on the GCAS. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in Statistics, Dr. Wood.

Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to this curriculum and work towards an Applied Statistics Certificate, students must be associated with the University of Kentucky in one of the following categories.

1 Enrolled post baccalaureate or in a degree program and admitted to the graduate school.
2 Enrolled in a professional degree program.
3 A resident in the medical center.
* Students must be admitted to the graduate school.


Steps to Receive Graduate Certificate:

Step 1 Students must first receive coursework approval.  Fill out this form HERE. Approval of the curriculum will be subject to application and approval of the GCAS committee.  View curriculum requirements.
Step 2 If your coursework is approved, students must then apply to the Certificate program in Applied Statistics in order to complete the application process***.  The application can be found HERE.
Step 3 Once you complete the course plan, fill out the e-based Certificate Completion Form.  Make sure to print a paper copy, scan it, and send the scanned document to Dr. Wood (DGS),, in addition to submitting the e-form online. 











***When you apply, you must use a different email address than the one you used to apply to your current degree program.  You will need to upload your current UK transcript, which you can access from myUK.  If you are currently in a graduate program, you may email Maureen Barker,, about a fee waiver.  Please note that if you have already graduated, you will not be entitled to a fee waiver.  


Students will be required to complete 12-15 hours of class work with no grade lower than B to complete the curriculum. The graduate certificate committee will work with transfer students to obtain a suitable program of study. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies for more details. The current curriculum can be found here.



Admissions Officer

Maureen Barker

210D Gillis Building