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Latin Studies (Graduate Certificate)

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The Latin Studies certificate curriculum, consisting of a sequence of four courses in Latin language and literature, aims at two groups of students in particular. First, it is aimed at graduate students who need strong Latin skills for any academic discipline in which Latin is important, including not only classics, but also history, philosophy, theology, etc., and who are already engaged in, or hope to undertake advanced study in one or more of these fields. The certificate curriculum will offer to such students an interdisciplinary opportunity to gain a superior command of Latin in a highly concentrated format, but in a relatively brief period of time. Second, it is aimed at the training of new Latin teachers for the high school level and even pre-high school instruction. The Latin studies certificate curriculum will be highly useful for those interested in teaching Latin, because it will provide a much deeper immersion in Latin language and literature than what has so far been usual for students seeking careers as Latin teachers, and will ensure that all who complete it acquire not merely reading skills, but also considerable active command of the language. 

A prerequisite for entry into the Latin Studies curriculum is the successful completion of CLA 501 (Introduction to Latin Prose Composition), or the attainment of an equivalent level of competence as determined by the Director of the Latin Studies Curriculum.

A candidate who completes 9 credit hours of courses that pertain to the Latin Studies curriculum and earns a GPA in those same courses of at least 3.33 may earn a Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies.

The courses that pertain to the Latin Studies curriculum are CLA 521, CLA 611, and CLA 612.

An independent study course under the number CLA 580 or CLA 695 may, with the permission of the Director of the Latin Studies Curriculum, count towards the minimum of 9 credit hours of Latin Studies course work needed to earn the Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies.

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 22

Spring: December 9

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.