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Cognitive Science (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate is aimed to provide post-baccaulariate and Ph.D. students with a graduate-level introduction to Cognitive Science as a theory of the (human and animal) mind. Our objectives are to ensure that each student (a) be able to articulate, at least in broad terms, some of the assumptions that have been thought to unify the various subfields within the domain of Cognitive Science, and (b) be able to apply those assumptions in dealing with issues in at least one of the five core disciplines contributing to cognitive science (Biology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology). If the student is a graduate student (as opposed to post-bac.), it is to be expected that the chosen discipline is that of the students Ph.D.-granting department. CGS 500 ("Introduction to Cognitive Science") will be run with the aim in mind of getting students to satisfy (a); and a (minimal) distribution requirement, together with departmental pressures on graduate students generally, will serve to get students to satisfy (b).