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College Teaching and Learning (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate in College Teaching and Learning provides a coherent, integrated approach to helping graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, current faculty, and others develop and document the skills needed as part of conscientious preparation for the full range of faculty responsibilities at a range of institutions of higher education. 

Upon completion of the College Teaching and Learning Certificate, recipients will:

  • be well-prepared for all aspects of faculty life, including teaching, research and service responsibilities.
  • have a broad and deep understanding of the multiple roles of faculty across a range of institutions.
  • have both theoretical and practical understanding of teaching & learning.
  • have a validated teaching experience, mentored by strong faculty & designed to promote reflection and growth.
  • have a well-developed teaching philosophy & portfolio.
  • be ready to effectively teach in their discipline to a broad array of students.
  • have well-honed skills important to their particular situations and interests (i.e., Grant Writing, Diversity, Working with First-Year Students, Instructional Technologies, Assessment.

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 22

Spring: December 9

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.


Morris Grubbs

Administrative Director of Preparing Future Faculty Program

Director of Graduate Certificate

The Graduate School

(859) 257-9725