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Anatomical Sciences (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate in Anatomical Sciences Instruction will provide a coherent, integrated approach to helping graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, residents, and others develop and document the skills needed in order to effectively teach the anatomical sciences. This 12-credit-hour certificate, including a required 3-credit-hour supervised practicum experience, provides basic competency in graduate-level anatomical sciences instruction and provides participants with documentation of their abilities based on faculty and student critiques. The certificate is accessible to participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and will provide practical, hands-on anatomy coursework and instructional mentoring. The goal of this certificate is to produce graduates who are highly competitive in the job market for medical education and to supplement credentials for a wide variety of disciplines that require general teaching skills


April Richardson Hatcher

Director of Graduate Certificate

Special Faculty, College of Medicine

College of Medicine

MN212 Med Science Bldg.

College of Medicine

University of Kentucky