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Physiology Teaching - (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate in Physiology Teaching provides a mechanism for students to document their competency in the basic skills necessary to teach a comprehensive physiology course. The certificate will be accessible to participants enrolled in a wide range of biomedical disciplines, but it will be especially valuable to medical science graduate students that anticipate a career in academic physiology. This 15-hour certificate is significant in that many doctoral programs in the medical sciences emphasize preparation for a research-oriented career but do very little formal instruction related to education and teaching. Our department has historically placed a high emphasis on the training of graduate students for both research and teaching careers. This certificate will recognize and document that emphasis for the students that choose to complete the certificate requirements. As research in physiology becomes more specialized, utilizing molecular and cellular approaches, there is a very real and distinct demand for physiology instructors that have experience in all levels of physiology teaching, especially systems physiology.     

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Vivian Bowling

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Dr. Dexter Speck

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