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Computational Fluid Dynamics (Graduate Certificate)

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The graduate certificate in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is available, in principle, to all graduatestudents in engineering and the mathematical, physical and biological sciences. CFD is a generallyrecognized sub-discipline of fluid dynamics, complementing use of theory and experimentation in the analysis of fluid behavior from sub-micro scales to intergalactic cosmological distances. CFD is highly interdisciplinary and areas of current interest include biological flows (e.g. Air in respiratory systems and blood in circulatory systems of animals), flows in porous materials (e.g. Remediation ofcontaminated ground water, extraction of oil from marginal deposits) and combusting flows (e.g. For higher energy conversion efficiencies and less pollutant production). Thus, competency in the use of CFD is becoming critical to the advance of science and technology in the 21st century and it has become an essential engineering tool in industrial environments ranging from aerospace to food preparation and pharmaceuticals.

Application Deadlines

Fall: July 22

Spring: December 9

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.