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Lean Systems (Graduate Certificate)

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Based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean is a proven methodology to reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase the bottom line while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction. It is effective for both goods and services across many industries, businesses, and organizations. Companies spend a lot of money educating their current employees and place a high premium on new graduates who have already acquired knowledge in the field. The Lean Systems Program at the University of Kentucky began 25 years ago when the College of Engineering formed a partnership with Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, to teach and research lean systems. This partnership remains active today. As a result our course content is up to date and in line with Toyota, the originator and leading practitioner of Lean. Innovative and engaging teaching techniques, including carefully designed hands-on lab work improve the learning process. The Lean Graduate Certificate program is an extension of the Lean Systems Program and is open to students who have already obtained an undergraduate degree, regardless of discipline. While many students are from various engineering disciplines, non-manufacturing and non-engineering disciplines such as business, health care, and the sciences are also welcome. We believe lean principles and practices can be applied successfully in any situation where work is being performed. 

Application Requirements

  • CV
  • Personal Statement
  • GRE
  • Three letters of recommendation
    • Please also email a copy of each letter of Recommendation directly to wei.mike.li@uky.edu with the header "Lean Graduate Certificate Program" in the subject field.
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Spring: December 9
    • Summer: April 15
    • Fall: July 22

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.