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Million - Value of the Poultry Production Industry in Kentucky

Poultry is Kentucky's #1 Agricultural industry and #1 food commodity


Million - Beef Cows

KY has the largest beef cow herd east of the Mississippi


Years of Improving Horse Health, Well-Being

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The Graduate Program in Animal Sciences aims to train students who are able to function in a variety of sophisticated academic, industrial and professional settings. Students enroll in a Master's or Doctoral program under the direction of faculty advisors. Research work in the broad areas of animal nutrition, nutritional and reproductive physiology, and management with beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, and swine either individually or in suitable combinations. Students with interests in foods may specialize in meats, dairy products, food microbiology, muscle biology, or food chemistry.

The food science program is for those with an interest and ability in the sciences. Food Science offers a lifetime vocation in the maintenance of a never-ending stream of quality food products. You may want to choose Food science as a career if you are interested in ...

  • serving society by assuring availability, abundance, affordability, wholesomeness and safety of food.
  • improving the nutritive value of food products.
  • supervising raw material procurement or managing any aspect of a food processing operation.
  • maintaining high standards of safety and sanitation and managing quality of an ever-increasing variety of food products.
  • development of new food products, processing methods or distribution techniques.
  • knowing about the biological, chemical, and physical nature of food and food components.

The Food Science program in the College of Agriculture at the University of Kentucky is THE CHOICE for anyone wanting an exciting fast-paced career in the food industry. We invite you to consider the professional career choices available. The Faculty in the Food Science program is dedicated to providing the best scientific training for successful and productive food-related careers.

Master's Program Description

"Applicants to the Master’s program must have completed a four-year degree at an accredited institution of higher education, must have achieved at least a 3.00 GPA for all undergraduate courses, and must submit scores from the verbal, quantitative, and analytical portions of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Applicants must have completed these courses; 1 semester calculus or physics, 3 semesters biology/ physiology, 3 semesters chemistry (including 1 semester of organic chemistry or biochemistry). Additional courses in physiology, cell biology, microbiology, and anatomy are encouraged. "

Doctoral Program Description

Applicants for a Ph.D. program must be in the process of completing, or have already completed, an M.S. degree or equivalent. Applicants must complete the on-line graduate school application.

Master's or Doctoral Application Requirements

  1. CV
  2. Personal Statement
    • We ask for a one-page personal statement so that we may judge your writing and to help us determine your motivation, goals and interests towards a graduate education.
  3. GRE
  4. Three letters of recommendation 
Application Deadlines

​Spring: December 9 (domestic applicants), August 15 (international applicants)

Summer: April 11 (domestic applicants)

​International students are not admitted for summer sessions.

Fall: July 17 (domestic applicants), March 15 (international applicants)