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French and Francophone literature and culture have influenced in crucial ways the formation of European, American, African and Caribbean thought and society. The UK Program in French and Francophone Studies situates its students at the intersection of these cultures through exploration of their diverse literary, linguistic, social and philosophical traditions. Our larger mission is to prepare students to live and work in a global environment in which expert knowledge of other languages and cultures have become indispensable tools for success.

Master's Program Description

Graduate students in French and Francophone Studies are members of a dynamic intellectual environment. In addition to their coursework in French, M.A. candidates pursue their intellectual interests in adjacent fields such as philosophy, history, women's studies, film studies, linguistics, English and art history. The Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a graduate program leading to the M.A. degree in French according to Plan B (non-thesis) only. 

Master's (MA) Degree - Application Requirements

French & Francophone Studies Master's (MA) Degree - Application Requirements
CV Upload Required No
CV Instructions N/A
Personal Statement Upload Required Yes
Personal Statement Instructions Describe your intellectual interests. Explain why you wish to pursue a graduate degree in French and Francophone Studies.
Writing Sample Upload Required Yes
Writing Sample Instructions The writing sample should consist of a piece of analytical writing, for example, on a literary or historical text, on a cultural, aesthetic, or linguistic question, etc.
Assistantship App Available* No
Assistantship App URL* N/A
Additional Docs Instructions Voice Recording (Digital recording - .mp3 file, etc.--preferred)
GRE Subject Test N/A
Spring App Deadline  
Summer App Deadline  
Fall App Deadline  
Number of Recommendations 3 Letters of Recommendation (uploaded preferred). Please comment specifically on analytical skills, French language ability, communication skills.

*Optional - you may upload a blank document, if you do not intend to apply for assistance.

Program requirements may change at any time. Contact the DGS of your intended program to confirm requirements.

Admissions Officer Contact Information

Maureen Barker

201D Gillis Building

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