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Teaching World Languages - Graduate

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The goal of the Master of Arts in Teaching World Languages (MATWL) program is to prepare the highest quality language educators for the state of Kentucky and beyond. The MATWL program is designed to prepare candidates who will possess a high level of content knowledge, excel in pedagogy, and perform as competent professional language educators. 

Master's Program Description

Candidates seeking admission to the MATWL program should demonstrate proficiency in the target language with a rating of Advanced Low in an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (Latin excepted). Candidates must also document a course of study that reflects mastery of language structure, a broad range of modern and classical literature, and the history of the relevant culture(s). Candidates in Latin must document a course of study that reflects mastery of language structure, knowledge of the literature, history, mythology, and culture of ancient Rome and Greece, and proficiency in oral reading. Documentation of such a course of study typically consists of an undergraduate degree in a world language that includes a major in the appropriate language and/or other coursework sufficient to fulfill the MATWL admission requirements. Although each language area has its unique requirements, candidates typically have 48 to 66 credit hours in their academic teaching specialties.

Application Requirements

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Admission to the teacher education program
  3. Personal Interview- contact the director of the program
  4. Three letters of recommendation
    • People providing references are asked to comment on three areas: academic ability, relevant experience and personal qualities related to teaching.

Applicants must meet the Graduate School admission requirements.

Application Deadlines

Fall: May 15

Spring: September 15

Summer: January 15