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Educational Research Methods & Policy Studies - Graduate

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Apply research skills and data analysis to real-world problems in education and other settings.

The M.S. in Educational Research Methods and Policy Studies is designed for students who are interested in jointly developing their training in research methods and educational policy studies. In the program, students will examine current educational policy issues through social, historical, philosophical, cultural, and political lenses. Concurrently, the program is designed to provide students with a core suite of research and policy analysis tools, including courses in quantitative, qualitative, evaluation, and survey research methods. Students completing the degree program will be well prepared for a variety of professional and academic placements, including K-12 or postsecondary institutions, testing organizations, state and federal agencies, or further doctoral study. This program is offered in-person or fully online.


Students will receive a foundation in key, introductory elements of research and policy studies through the Core Courses along with additional specialization into various areas of concentration, including quantitative methods, evaluation, or research design, policy studies. The masters degree combines 22 hours of core courses (12 of which overlap with the Graduate Certificate in Research Methods in Education and are applicable towards the masters degree) and six hours in one area of concentration (quantitative methods, evaluation/assessment, research design, or policy studies), and nine hours of supporting electives for a total of 37 hours.

Concentration Areas and Supporting Electives

Each Educational Research Methods and Policy Studies student will choose one concentration area with six required credits and supporting electives for the concentration area with a minimum of nine required credits. All suggested supporting elective courses listed below are available in an online format. Students are not limited to the listed electives; students choose elective courses in conjunction with their advisor. Moreover, students can take up to 3 hours of independent study (EPE 785) and up to 12 hours of internship credit (EPE 790).

Application Requirements

  • CV 
    • Please include work history, any certifications/licensures, publications and research, and hobbies or special interests.
  • Personal Statement
    • Your statement should be approximately 500 words explaining how your personal goals align with what the program offers.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • The GRE or GMAT is NOT required for admission to this program.
  • Application Deadlines: This program operates under rolling admissions. Apply anytime.