College of Education

Educational Policy Studies - Graduate

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The Master of Science in Educational Policy Studies works well as a foundation for doctoral study. When focused with an approved “topical major,” the degree may also serve a variety of career and academic purposes. Students following this degree program may engage in the study of the history, sociology, philosophy, and comparative international analyses of education. 

Application Requirements

  • CV (optional)
    • Please include work history, any certifications/licensures, publications and research, and hobbies or special interests.
  • Personal Statement
    • ​We would like to know why you want to study in our department. What brings you, autobiographically to this point in your life? What aspects of our program interest you? What questions, issues, or areas of inquiry would you like to explore while taking our classes? And what do you plan to do with your degree upon completion? You may wish to browse our list of courses and read our faculty bio statements found on the department website in order to prepare your response. We are interested in how well you articulate your ideas as well as your ambitions. Your statement should be approximately 500 words.
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • The GRE or GMAT is NOT required for admission to this program.
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Spring: October 1
    • Summer: January 15
    • Fall: January 15