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We are pleased that you are interested in graduate studies in Geography at the University of Kentucky. The University of Kentucky has a distinguished history of research and educational achievement as the state's premier university. Set within the context of a traditional land grant research institution, the Department of Geography is very proud of its successes in graduate education over the years. The Department of Geography has been identified as one of the top twenty academic programs at the University of Kentucky and, as part of a state effort to identify and enhance top research and graduate programs, has been designated a Research Challenge Trust Fund (RCTF) program.

Master's Program Description

Applicants for the M.A. degree in geography follow a broadly based program which consists of: 1) required courses (GEO 600 and 702); 2) elective courses in geography and cognate disciplines according to the student’s academic goals and career objectives; and 3) the completion of a master’s thesis (Plan A). The non-thesis Ph.D.-preparatory program (Plan B) consists of: 1) required courses (GEO 600, 700 or other advanced methods course, 702); 2) elective courses in geography and cognate disciplines according to the student’s academic goals and career objectives; 3) a written examination; 4) a publication-quality research paper; and 5) an oral examination. The Plan A option requires 24 credit hours, the Plan B, 30 credit hours

Doctoral Program Description

Applicants for the Ph.D. in geography must conform to the general requirements of the Graduate School as set forth in the first part of this Bulletin. Requirements in the Ph.D. program consist of 1) core courses (GEO 600, 705 or other advanced methods course, 702) in the theory and methodology of geography; 2) seminars, independent study and directed research in one of the research foci noted above or in cognate disciplines; 4) a written and oral qualifying examination in theory, methodology, and the student’s selected topical focus; and 5) a dissertation based on original research. A program designed to meet the professional academic goals of each doctoral candidate is outlined in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies and the candidate’s Advisory Committee. 

Master's (MA) or Doctoral (PhD) Degree - Application Requirements

  • CV
  • Personal Statement
    • A statement of your goals and objectives in which you discuss your areas of scholarly interest, any research directions you may wish to pursue, and how your interests and goals fit with those of the University of Kentucky's Graduate Program in Geography. This document should be about two pages double-spaced.
  • GRE
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Fall: Applicants should submit their materials by January 15 to ensure a complete review. Applications are accepted after this date BUT later applications may miss key financial aid and admission decisions. The admissions process precedes and is separate from the financial aid decision-making process.

Program requirements may change at any time. Contact the DGS of your intended program to confirm requirements.

Admissions Officer Contact Information

Maureen Barker

201D Gillis Building