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The Interdisciplinary Early Childhood (IEC) MEd program prepares educators for leadership roles in schools, programs, and systems that serve children, birth through age five, with and without disabilities and their families. Graduates are awarded the MEd degree in Education with a major in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood. In the Interdisciplinary Early Childhood program, students will build upon their skills as active, critical consumers of research and are expected to consume and produce research that will inform their practice. At this advanced level, students are expected to reflect not only on matters within the classroom context, but also on systems such as schools, families, communities, and policy. Through engaging students in a variety of learning experiences, including field-based experiences, professional literature, and conducting research, the M.Ed. program prepares graduates to build upon their leadership skills so they are prepared to actively engage in their chosen professions as agents of research-based change.

Master's Program Description

The Master of Education program does not lead to initial IECE certification. Students who want IECE certification, but have certification in another area or do not have any teacher certification, should first complete the graduate initial certification program in IECE, which leads to Rank III IECE certification.

Students entering the IECE Master’s program decide to either take the thesis (30 credit hours) or non-thesis (36 credit hours) option.

Master's (MEd) Degree - Application Requirements

Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education Master's (MEd) Degree - Application Requirements
CV Upload Required Yes
CV Instructions Educational, work, and/or volunteer experiences. Technology skills.
Personal Statement Upload Required Yes
Personal Statement Instructions Philosophy of Education and Goals Statement.
Writing Sample Upload Required No
Writing Sample Instructions N/A
Assistantship App Available* No
Assistantship App URL* N/A
Additional Docs Instructions Interview, see program webpage.
GRE Subject Test N/A
Spring App Deadline October 15
Summer App Deadline October 15
Fall App Deadline March 15
Number of Recommendations 3 Letters of Recommendation.

CV, (Education Experiences, Work Experiences, Volunteer Experiences, Technology Skills), Personal Statement (Philosophy of Education and Goals Statement), GRE, 3 letters of recommendation

Admissions Officer Contact Information

Mary Richardson

201C Gillis Building