State Authorization and Licensure

The University of Kentucky works to provide courses and programs to students across the state of Kentucky, the country and abroad. Online courses, field placements, student teaching, research and other similar educational activities may be offered as part of a distance learning or face-to-face program, and may be completed outside of Kentucky.


Whether a student is enrolled in a distance learning program while residing in another state or country or is enrolled in a face-to-face campus program that involves participation in an educational activity outside of Kentucky, certain regulations will apply.

Each state and territory has different requirements for distance learning and or educational activities that may lead to licensure or certification.

Any student who is interested in distance learning or these types of out-of-state educational activities should visit each section below and confirm that their program of interest can be offered, recognized, and/or lead to licensure or certification in their state or territory.

Please also view information sheets on these topics available in our Resource Library.

State Authorization


International Authorization