Adding and Managing Videos with Kaltura

Videos in the My Media Area

The My Media area within Blackboard contains all media contributed by the user, regardless of the course. From this location, users may manage existing videos, as well as add additional videos.

My Media is found within the Tools module on the Blackboard homepage.

From the My Media page, any content already associated with the Blackboard user account will appear in thumbnails (you can change this by selecting List View).

Videos can be added by selecting the Add Media button at the top of the My Media page. Select Add Video from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window will appear, where users may upload video or audio from their local computer, as well as record directly from a webcam.

Once the content has been selected, click Upload! (this may take a few minutes to complete). When the status is 'Done', click Next. Add any metadata (tags, category, description) and select Next. The content will begin converting, and depending upon file size may not appear in the My Media area for a few minutes.

Clicking the Preview & Edit text from the list will create a large preview Kaltura player to the right of the page. Content details are displayed below the player.

Aside from the ability to edit metadata, all users are able to add videos to a Course Gallery. Clicking the Add to Course text will open a drop-down list of all courses the user is enrolled in (regardless of role in course, i.e. Primary Instructor or Student). Click OK when prompted to add in a course. See Working with the Course Media Gallery to learn more. Videos may be removed from a Course Gallery by clicking on the red [X] next to the course name.

IMPORTANT: Deleting the media by clicking the Delete Media button will remove the content from all locations in Blackboard including any Course Galleries.

Videos in a Course Content Area

Videos may be added in a Blackboard course by either entering the Course Media Gallery (if in use), and selecting Add Media, or by directly adding media from a course Content Area.

To add media in a course Content Area, navigate to the proper location within the course. Select Tools, and then from the drop-down menu click Kaltura Media.

In the Add Media Content page, be sure to provide a Name for your content. In section 2, click the Add Media button.

This will make the Kaltura pop-up window appear. From here, users may opt to browse their local computer to upload a video by choosing the Upload tab, select media from their My Media area by choosing the My Content tab, or to record new content with the Webcam tab. Once all the steps have been completed for the Kaltura pop-up screen, the file name will appear in section 2 of the page.

Choose any necessary options, like adding to the Course Gallery or users' visibility of video. When done, click on Submit to add the media to the course's Content Area.

NOTE: In order for instructors to view media in a Content Area, Edit Mode must be set to 'OFF'.

Kaltura Specs

  • No media uploads can be greater than 2 gigabytes
  • Acceptable video formats: FLV, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, F4V
  • Acceptable audio formats: MP3