Working with the Course Media Gallery

The Course Media Gallery provided by Kaltura allows instructors to manage all media content that is associated within a specific Blackboard course. When the tool is added to the course menu, instructors have immediate access to the gallery. If the tool is made available to users, students are then able to upload videos into the course.

Note: During a Course Copy, ALL media within the Course Media Gallery will be copied into the new course (this includes student submissions).

Below are instructions for adding the Gallery's tool link in the course menu, as well as tips for working the the Course Media Gallery.

Adding the Course Media Gallery Tool Link

Enter the Blackboard course you wish to modify. Be sure that Edit Mode is 'ON'. Select the + symbol above the course menu, and select Tool Link.

Create a name for the Tool Link, and select Course Media Gallery in the Type drop-down menu. Check Available to Users if you wish students to have access to the Gallery, when done click Submit.


Using the Course Media Gallery

When entering the Gallery, any media that has been included in the course will appear. You may add more videos by selecting the Add Media button at the top of the page.

Notice that the particular video in the screen capture above is Hidden from view. All videos added by students within the Gallery will be hidden by default. A Primary Instructor or Secondary Instructor (TA) of the Blackboard course must allow the item to be made public in the gallery.

By clicking on the thumbnail of any video in the Gallery, the video will load in the Kaltura player to the right of the page. Underneath the video will be all options for managing the video.

Select Make this Item Public in Gallery to allow it to be visible by all users (un-hide student submitted videos).

If a Gallery Module has been created within a Module Page, selected videos can be displayed. This is useful if there are numerous videos within the Gallery and the instructor would like to further organize what students see. See "How to Create a Module Page"

An Embed Code is available for any media, the code is supported in any html page.

Deleting the media will remove it from the course (but not from the submitter's personal Media Gallery).