UK Core: Creating Assignments

Blackboard provides a way for your students to submit a completed assignment online. The following instructions are the minimum required to use Blackboard to collect student assignments. For more detailed instructions, please see the Creating and Receiving Assignments section of our Getting Started Guide for instructors.

For assistance with these instructions or other related questions, UK Core instructors may contact the Blackboard Scholars support team at

Where will my students upload their assignments?

Students will upload their assignments to the online space provided for your course in Blackboard. Here's how to find it:

  • Start at the Blackboard home page ( and log in using your link blue user name and password (you do not need to use ad\).
  • You will see all courses you are teaching and courses in which you are enrolled in the Course List section of the My Bb page. Click on the link for the course that will include this assignment.
  • If the course is not listed, please contact Bb Scholars.

How do I create a place for students to upload assignments?

After logging in to Blackboard and clicking on the course, follow these steps:

  • Look near the top right section of the Blackboard web page. You will see the words Edit Mode is: followed by a box containing the word ON or OFF.
  • If the Edit Mode is OFF, click the word OFF. It will change to ON and you will be able to edit your course.
  • In the navigation menu at left, click once on Course Content.
  • Near the top middle of the page, click on Assessments.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Assignment.

    • In #1, Assignment Information, type a name for your assignment in the Name line. If you like, you can add a description of the assignment in the larger instructions space.
    • Skip #2
    • Under #3, type the number of points possible for the assignment. A number is required here.
    • Under #4, Availability, ensure there is a check mark next to Make Assignment Available (if it is not checked, click on the small check box). Then click the circle next to Allow Unlimited Attempts.
    • Skip #5 and #6
    • Under #7, Submit, click the Submit button at the bottom right of the page.
  • Make your Course Available to students

    • In the navigation menu at the left, locate the Course Management section at the bottom.
    • Click once on Control Panel to expand the menu (if needed) and select Customization.
    • Select Properties under the Customization menu.
    • Scroll down to step 3, Set Availability. Select the YES radio button to make course available. Then click Submit at the top (or bottom) right.

View this video guide for a demonstration of these instructions:

How do I connect this assignment to the UK Core assessment?

The last step is to connect (or align) your UK Core assignment to the appropriate learning outcome, so Blackboard knows which assignment to use for each assessment. To add an alignment, follow these steps:

  • In the navigation menu at left, click once on Course Content.

  • Find the assignment you will use for UK Core. Click the chevron (double down arrow) next to the assignment's title and select Add Alignments.

  • In the pop-up window, type "UKCore" (all one word) in the search box and click "Go."

  • Scroll through the list and choose the appropriate Student Learning Outcome. Most courses are only aligned to one of the four learning outcomes, though some have more than one possible alignment. Please remember that there are four parts in the Inquiry outcome (Arts and Creativity, Humanities, the Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences) and two parts in the Quantitative Reasoning outcome (Statistical and Inferential Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning). Please double check that you are choosing the right outcome.

  • Once you have chosen your outcome, click Submit at the bottom right of the page.

  • Once your alignment is added, it will show in your listing of assignments.

  • The students will be able to see this alignment. Their view will look like this:

View this video guide for a demonstration of these instructions:

If you have any questions about the alignment process or which outcome to select, please contact Chris Thuringer in the Office of Undergraduate Education (

What if I want to use a Safe Assignment?

There are no longer separate Safe Assignments. If you are interested in creating an assignment with SafeAssign, you will find instructions in the SafeAssign section of our Assignments page.

What instructions should I give my students to complete this assignment?

Point students to the following URL for instructions and a video demonstration:
Alternatively this PDF is available for distribution as needed: Student Handout.