Submitting an Assignment

Instructions for submitting an Assignment.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your link blue account, and then click on the course in which you need to submit the assignment.
  3. In the menu at left, click on Course Content (or on the area where your instructor has placed the assignment if different from Course Content).
  4. Locate your assignment (scroll down if necessary), and click once on the assignment link to open the Upload Assignment page.
  5. On the Upload Assignment page, be sure to read any instructions provided.
  6. Scroll down to Step 2: Assignment Materials and select “Browse My Computer” to find and select the document you wish to upload. Once you have found the document, select “Open” within the File Upload pop-up window to attach it.
    Tip 1: It is best to avoid renaming the document on this page and to avoid entering text in the Submissions or Comments boxes unless your instructor has directed you to do so.
    Tip 2: Ensure that there are no special characters in the name of your document, such as & $ _ % ; or others, and do not upload any other document besides the final assignment (no drafts or other notes).
  7. Scroll to Step 3: Submit, and submit the assignment by clicking the Submit button.

Video Guide: Submitting an Assignment.

The following video demonstrates how to confirm where students should upload their assignments