Adobe Connect Training Classes

Live online training is available for both instructors and students. Prior to joining a training class, please verify that your system is compatible with Adobe Connect.

Having a Flash blocker plug-in installed in your browser may interfere with your ability to view and interact with Adobe Connect. We recommend that you temporarily disable such software while using Adobe Connect.

Participant Requirements:

To fully participate in the training classes, all participants will need:

  • USB web camera or built-in camera (if required by instructor)
  • USB microphone/headset or 1/8" (headphone type connection) microphones can be used (best results), or the built-in microphone on a web camera or laptop (not optimal)
  • If a headset is not used, then speakers are needed (keep volume low but audible to avoid sound problems)
  • Internet bandwidth must be broadband; at least 1 Mbps is recommended

For help setting up a USB Headset, view this video tutorial. Please note that this tutorial was made specifically with a Logitech USB Headset in Windows XP. Some extra work may be required for different devices and different operating systems. If you have trouble setting up your USB Headset, please refer to the device manufacturer's directions or contact the UKIT Service Desk.

Instructor/Host Training

Online training is available directly from Adobe and from Clarix Technologies, a technology training firm. Pre-registration is required for all training courses.

Student/Participant Training

Online training is available by filling out this form.  Please select 2 dates and continue on after the form to test that your system meets the minimum requirements for Adobe Connect Pro.

Community Learning

Sharing ideas with other users can often extend learning beyond tutorials and classes. Use of the Adobe Community forums is free and an excellent way to get in touch with peers at other educational institutions and businesses. The YouTube channel offers additional demonstration videos for using Adobe Connect on personal computers and mobile devices.