Echo360 Lecture Capture


This guide is for users of Echo360 Lecture Capture software. Lecture capture is an excellent option for recording presentations in the classroom.

Echo360 Schedulers and college/departmental IT staff who provide end user support for Echo360 should refer to the Echo360 wiki for additional resources and documentation.

Using Echo360 Lecture Capture

Using Echo360 Lecture Capture requires no downloads, training, or special equipment. To get started, you only need to contact your departmental/college IT staff and set up a place, time, and support for a specific lecture. If you do not know your departmental IT staff, the UKIT Service Desk can find their contact information for you.

Scheduling an Echo-Equipped Classroom

An Echo360 Lecture Capture can only be created in an Echo-equipped classroom with the right equipment and connections. There are many such rooms across campus; however, equipment cannot be moved from room to room. Therefore, you may not be able to record in your usual classroom. Please review the online list of Echo equipped rooms, then contact the Registrar's Office to reserve a room that is free during the desired date and time.

Scheduling an Echo Recording

Scheduling of Echo360 recordings is done entirely through departmental/college IT staff, not the UKIT Service Desk. However, the UKIT Service Desk may be able to find this information for you if you are unsure of your departmental IT contact. Your departmental IT staff can set up an Echo360 account for you and schedule one or more Lecture Capture recordings in your Echo-equipped room of choice.

If you are already a user of Echo360 (your account and course feeds are already set up) and you know how to operate classroom Echo360 equipment, you may chose to reserve an Echo360-capable room on campus to do an Ad Hoc capture. Nothing needs to be scheduled in the Echo system or with IT, and you can determine the length of time the system will record. However, if there is a recording previously scheduled for the same time and place, you cannot record over it. Please contact your departmental IT staff for more information.

Publishing to the Streaming Server

Echo360 Publishing Options

When scheduling a Lecture Capture, you may choose from a variety of publishing options. Echoes may be published immediately for viewing upon processing or put on hold to be published at a later date. Various permissions can also be set for Echoes:

  • Blackboard Stream Only - A link will be published through a Blackboard course and only those members enrolled in the Blackboard course will be able to view the video.
  • AD/MC - Members will be prompted to use a Link Blue ID to view the stream or download, thus any member of the UK community can view the Echo.
  • Allow All - Any person in the world who is given the link may view the Echo, no course or password restrictions are enforced on the Echo stream/download.

Echoes can also be made available as downloads or restricted to streaming viewing only. Users may choose from several file types to present their captures to students and other members of the UK community:

  • Podcast - Audio only
  • Vodcast - Audio + Screen Capture from the lecture
  • Echo Presentation - Audio + Video + Screen capture, Limited to streaming only

Users may choose high quality or low quality for audio and video, depending on the method they wish to use to distribute their content. To distribute Echo360 captures, users can chose to publish links to a Blackboard course, publish content to an iTunes U course (which requires the Echoes to be downloadable), or be given direct links to Echoes which users can then email or hand out to viewers at their discretion.

These options must be decided upon at the time of scheduling with departmental IT staff. If unsure of which options are best for you and your students, please consult with your scheduling IT professional(s).

End of Semester File Purge

Files published through Echo360 lecture capture can be viewed up to two weeks beyond the final exams of each semester. At that time, all files from that semester will be purged. Users will have 14 days after the original recording to make any modifications or simple edits to the recording. Users also have the option of downloading those files within the 14-day time period for advanced editing or saving to a media format of their choice. It is the responsibility of the user to download all files that are needed for additional semesters before they are deleted from the server. Please ensure the that these files have been saved to your personal digital storage space prior to the end of the semester.

All files, when initially recorded and edited, are saved on the machine used for recording and capturing in Echo PCAP. To learn where these files are saved, open the Echo360 software and click Preferences.