Lecture Tools

What is it?

LectureTools is an internet tool designed to help make classroom lectures more engaging. Instructors can create interactive presentations, and students can interact with the material via laptop, cell phone, or iPad.

How can I use it?

LectureTools is designed to accompany a classroom lecture.

Instructors can use Lecturetools to ask assessment questions for students to answer in real time and assess individual or group performance by viewing information about participation, response correctness, and much more.

Students can use mobile devices to:

  • respond to questions in class
  • ask their own questions for you or your teaching assistant to answer at any time
  • view responses to other students' questions
  • engage with lecture material anywhere by digital note-taking, marking slides for later review, and learning from archived questions.

Who can use it?

LectureTools is accessible to all individuals in the University of Kentucky community. Instructors and students use their link blue username and password to log into Blackboard and access LectureTools in the Tool menu. Individuals without a Blackboard account, or instructors who do not need seamless integration with the student roster or Grade Center may alternatively create an account from the LectureTools sign-up page.

Where is it?

LectureTools is a web based application and is accessible from anywhere in the world via Blackboard or the LectureTools homepage. While its primary purpose is to aid in classroom instruction, students can also use LectureTools for easy access to lecture archives and classroom questions at any time, anywhere.


LectureTools is fully site-licensed by UK, so usage is free for all members of the UK community.

Getting Help

For more information, including a variety of how-to guides, visit the LectureTools Support Center website.

For technical support, visit the LectureTools Support Center website or email support@lecturetools.com.

For instructional support, including best practices for effective educational use, contact the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) or Distance Learning Programs.


Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements-- Browsers and Hardware