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Welcome Back for Fall 2012!

Welcome back, everyone! As you have no doubt already noticed, this Fall 2012 brings a new website and lots of extra content for you! Feel free to take a look around and see what's new - this quick introduction to the website might give you some ideas!

Here are some of the highlights from our other updates for this semester:

One of the most important changes to note is that Blackboard has been upgraded. Don't worry; it's the same old Blackboard with a new look, quicker navigation, and more grading options. To learn more about some of the new features, please read our New in Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 8 page. If your students need help, feel free to refer them to our Student Information Guide.

Need help preparing your research posters? We've added a Research Posters page, which includes free poster templates, UK graphics and logos, preparation instructions, and local printing services.

We're constantly adding new videos to YouTube, so check out the UK TechClips channel to stay updated with the latest tutorials and event recordings. You can also find these videos at UKIT on iTunes U.

Finally, if you need account access, a secondary instructor added to a course, or a fresh development shell, we still offer a quick and easy self-service forms for requesting service for Adobe Connect, Blackboard, and TurningPoint ResponseWare!

Thanks for visiting! We want the new site to be as helpful and easy to navigate as possible, so let us know what you think! Give us your feedback by commenting below or by using our Feedback Form.

Tips for Creating Blackboard Tests

This document provides recommendations, design tips, and information for creating Tests that will give your students a smoother testing experience. For a how-to guide on creating Blackboard Tests, please visit our Blackboard Tests and Surveys page.

New in Blackboard for Summer/Fall 2013

Missed an update?

Blackboard has been redesigned to be simple, intuitive, and focused on you.
How you learn. How you teach. How you grow as educators.

Blackboard Known Issues

The following page is the set of known errors in Blackboard Learn. Some of these problems have workarounds or solutions, which we have listed below. If you do not see the error that you are getting and you would like to report one or ask for help, contact the UKIT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) or email

Known Issues

New in Blackboard for Spring 2013

With the 2013 Spring Semester comes more exciting new updates to the University of Kentucky’s Blackboard site! These latest changes will help save time, increase ease of use, and make Blackboard even more flexible and functional for instructors and students alike!

Other Blackboard Tools

This document describes various Tools you may use in Blackboard. If you are having trouble finding or adding a tool, please download and read the Managing Tool Availability instructions (below). To jump directly to a section, select a link!

Blackboard Users and Groups

This document gives an overview of users and groups in Blackboard. To jump directly to a section, select a link!

Blackboard Content

This document explains how to manage your content in Blackboard. To jump directly to a section, select a link!


This document explains how to work with Assignments in Blackboard. To jump directly to a section, select a link!


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