Lecture Tools

What is it?

LectureTools is an internet tool designed to help make classroom lectures more engaging. Instructors can create interactive presentations, and students can interact with the material via laptop, cell phone, or iPad.

How can I use it?

LectureTools is designed to accompany a classroom lecture.

Blackboard Training Options

Online Training

Academic Technology Training Library

Adobe Connect Training Classes

Live online training is available for both instructors and students. Prior to joining a training class, please verify that your system is compatible with Adobe Connect.

Request ResponseWare Account

This form may be used by faculty, staff, and student TA/GAs to request a TurningPoint ResponseWare account, which is required to accept TurningPoint responses submitted from mobile devices or through web browser. Requests are typically processed in 1-2 business days.

ResponseWare accounts are not required for instructors/presenters whose respondents will be using TurningPoint clickers only.

To access the form, log in with your link blue userID and password.

Blackboard Service Requests

This form may be used to submit requests to create a new Blackboard course, combine or cross-list existing courses, or give users special roles in a course, such as secondary instructors, course builders, or graders. If you are seeking technical support, or have a different type of request, please contact the UKAT Service Desk directly for assistance.

Adobe Connect Host Account Request

This form may be used by faculty, staff, teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate assistants (GAs) to request an Adobe Connect Meeting Host account, which is required to create virtual meetings and invite others to attend. Requests are typically processed in 1-2 business days.

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