About JMP

What is it?

JMP (pronounced "jump") statistical discovery software from SAS Analytics links robust statistics with interactive graphics, in memory and on the desktop. It demystifies data, producing visual representations that reveal context and insight impossible to see in a table of numbers.

How can I use it?

Note: This software is only licensed for academic teaching, learning, and research. UK's license does not cover use of this application for other purposes, including university business (retention, internal statisics, etc).

While JMP is capable of advanced analytics, the software assumes that the user only has a very basic background in statistics. Therefore, it is an ideal statistics package for students. JMP assists the user in choosing correct analytic procedures and in interpreting results.

SPSS users will find JMP’s graphical “point and click” user interface familiar and easy to use. SAS users will appreciate the advanced graphing capabilities integrated into JMP software. Stata users will also appreciate and easily adjust to using JMP.

SAS remains the best choice of software if you need to handle large amounts of data or want maximum flexibility in terms of programming and statistical analysis. JMP provides a streamlined alternative for smaller jobs using the most popular types of analysis.

As the JMP user guide explains it, “When you are looking for an information delivery vehicle, sometimes you need a truck that can haul anything, every day, like SAS. But if you are out for a drive to go exploring, you might find it best to drive a small car, or even a sports car like JMP.”

Compared to SAS, JMP is easier to install, takes up less hard drive space, and requires less RAM. While JMP is easy to learn and helps the user learn about statistics, SAS has a steep learning curve and requires more expertise.

JMP also interfaces seamlessly with SAS, Excel, and R.

Who can use it?

All current UK faculty, staff, and students may download and install this application or access it through Virtual Den.

Where is it?

JMP can be acquired from http://download.uky.edu for installation on a personal computer.

To obtain the software, sign in with an active link blue account, search for JMP, and locate the correct version for your computer. Click the download link to get the installer, then complete the registration form to request a UK-specific software license.

Alternatively, SAS (a similar program) can be used through Virtual Den.


UK currently maintains a site license for this software, so usage is free for current faculty, staff, and students. User licenses must be re-registered annually.

Getting Help

For technical support with download, installation, and license renewal, please call the UKIT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) or email helpdesk@uky.edu. Technical support staff in your college or department may also be able to assist you.

For technical support with application-specific or "how to" questions, please visit the vendor's support site to view self-help documentation and vendor contact information.

For support with statistical questions, guidance with study design or data evaluation, or software tool selection, please contact the Applied Statistics Lab in the College of Arts & Sciences to set up a consultation.

Technical Requirements

System Requirements