Getting Access to JMP Genomics

This webpage explains how to download, intall, and update JMP Genomics software. If you need additional help, please contact the UKIT Service Desk at 859-218-4357(HELP) or

  • Licensing - Renewing your license and obtaining the license codes.
  • Registration - Updating your license with or without downloading the software update.
  • Downloading - Downloading and installing the latest version of JMP Genomics.


About License Renewal

As of August 2012, JMP Genomics software has entered a new license year.  If you have not used this software before, or have used it prior to August 2012 and wish to continue using it, you may (re-)register at any time to receive your license renewal codes via email.  There is no deadline for registration and the service is available year round.

If you have any difficulty following these instructions, please contact the UKIT Service Desk at 859-218-4357(HELP) or  (Instructions below contain images.)

Obtaining License (Renewal) Codes

  • Search for JMP Genomics to find the respective software download entry.
  • Click the link labeled “Users must register annually to obtain the license information. Click here.”

  • Do not download the software until you complete the registration.  You will receive instructions via email for the download and unzipping process.
  • Complete the registration form.  If your email address was submitted correctly, you will receive an email with licensing instructions.
  • Download software pieces as specified in the email you received. If you already have JMP Genomics and only need to renew the license, see the end of your registration email for instructions on how to update the license.


Note: All of the following information is also contained in the email sent to you with your license code. The attached license file is for you alone (Do not share license files). Please contact the UKIT Service Desk with any questions; by phone: (859)218-HELP, or email:

How to Update the License (If JMP Genomics is already downloaded)

  • Navigate to Start-> All Programs -> SAS -> Utilities -> Renew SAS Software.
  • Browse to the license file you downloaded from the email containing your license codes.
  • Click Next, OK, and Renew.

Download and Installation

Note: All of the following information is also contained in the email sent to you with your license code.

Download and Extraction

  • Download all 5 pieces of JMP Genomics from and place the files on your desktop.
  • Download and install 7-zip from
  • Restart your machine.
  • Right click on the JMP file on your desktop, place your cursor on 7-zip, then left click on Extract Files… and then click ok. (This process may take between 10-20 minutes) This will create a folder labeled JMP Genomics that contains the files needed to install the software.
  • Double click on the new JMP Genomics folder on your desktop.


  • Double click on the setup.exe file in the JMP Genomics folder on your desktop.
  • If prompted to Run or Save the file, Click Run. (Welcome screen appears.)
  • A 'choose your language' box appears.  Click Ok.
  • Under the SAS Deployment Task box, choose Install SAS software. Click Next.
  • Under Specify SAS Home leave the default location for SAS home as it is, click Next.
  • If prompted with 'Do you want to Continue', click Yes.
  • Under 'Select Deployment Type', choose 'Install SAS Foundation and Related Software'.
  • Under 'Select Product to Install', there should be 10 products already checked.  Please check SAS Power and Sample Size, as well as any other additional software you desire and click Next.
  • Select the SAS foundation products you would like to install then click next
  • Under 'Specify SAS Installation Data File', browse to the license file you received via email after filling out the online registration form.
  • Under 'Select Language Support', select your desired languages and click Next.
  • Under ‘Select Regional Settings’, select the region format appropriate for you and click Next.
  • Under Select Java Runtime Environment leave “Use the recommended Java Runtime Environment” selected, click next.
  • SAS will now check your system.  At the end of this check, then click next.
  • Under 'Deployment Summary', click Start.
  • This starts the Systems Requirements Wizard.  This may have you download some files, or reboot your computer.  Follow all directions from the Wizard. If it has you reboot, SAS may give you a link to paste back into your browser after rebooting. However, it will generally pick up from where it left off without requiring this link. Click Next.
  • Under Select Support Option, decide whether or not to send install information back to SAS, Click Next.
  • Click Finish once the installation is complete. (This may take up to an hour depending on your network speed.)
  • Once the program is completed it is important that your reboot your system to complete the installation.  Close all your programs and reboot your computer.